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Post Wire Services (closed walls)
$69.99   Cable or satellite jack installation.
$69.99   Phone jack installation.
$99.99   Data jack installation.
$69.99   Trip charge/Hourly rate (phone/internet/cable/satellite repair services).
  Activate existing jack (per jack after trip charge, labor only).
Notes: 1) Standard installation includes a wall fish through a single bay wall where sufficient attic space is available and there is no                                                                    
            blockage between the top plate and bottom plate of the wall
or cable to be installed via an outside penetration plugged with silicon.
            2) All cables are neatly routed both inside your home and attic spaces as well as outside your home (if applicable). 3) Jack
   installs include wire (up to 100'), wall plate, and termination. Additional cable cost is $.40 per foot. 4) Trip charge/Hourly rate is
   labor only and continues in 1/2 hour increments after the 1st hour.                                      
Don't pay $125 and up to have your
telephone service provider install your
phone or DSL line.

We do it for about half the cost and in
many cases we do it better!!
We can put a wire anywhere in your home.
If the standard installation does not apply in your case, please ask about our custom services. Additional costs may apply.
Prewire Services (open walls)
                         Rough In
$35.00   Coaxial, phone, or data cable installation.
$20.00   Additional coaxial, phone, or data cables to same jack.
$35.00   Surround sound speaker installation (including sub woofer).
  Speaker installation to volume control.        
$40.00   Speaker installation from volume control to receiver location.
Structures 3501-6500 square feet add 30% to the above prices.
Structures 6501 and up require a physical inspection for bid.
                         Trim Out
$10.00   Trim single coaxial, phone, or data cable jack.
$  5.00   Trim additional cables to same wall plate.

Note: Includes all labor and material.
TV Antenna Installations
         Why pay for local channels when you can get them for free?

If you have a TV with a built in digital tuner (most flat panels manufactured these days do) or if you have
an older TV and a digital converter box (you can find them at most electronic stores) you can watch all the
local channels for free after your initial installation cost!!!

$204.99   Install antenna in your attic or on your roof. Activate up to 4 TVs (depending on signal level) to
your existing cable jacks.

Note: Cable jacks must each run directly back to a central junction point in order to take maximum advantage of the signal level from the amplified
antenna. If we need to rewire some of your jacks, additional charges will apply.
Fan & Light Fixture Installations
        $69.99   New fan or light fixture installation or replacement
$50.00   Additional fan or light fixture installation or replacement
                      same trip.

             Notes: 1) Fan or light locations must have been installed with the correct electrical box
                         according to the NEC (electrical code).
2) More complicated fans or light fixtures,
                         excessive weight requiring 2 installers, or heights greater than 12' may incur an additional
Dish Network Services
*   New residential installations
*   New commercial installations
*   Dish Mover Installations
*   Dish Network Upgrades
(Dish'in It Up)
*   Repair services  
*   Please call for current promotions.

$  79.99   Re-point dish
$  99.99   Relocate dish
$  69.99   Install additional receiver
(labor only)
$  69.99   Mirror service off of existing receiver (labor only)
$  69.99   Remove old dish and outside cabling
Directv Services
 Serving Houston, TX & Surrounding Areas  
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